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January 28, 2009

The Life of Brian

January 24, 2009
inquisitive eno

inquisitive eno

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Brian Eno on the Beach

January 20, 2009
Brian Eno

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the mystical existence

January 20, 2009

Can spiritual satisfaction be gained as the result of a connection with the natural world? For a moment it seemed Mother Nature might be enough; no matter what else, I could always dip into the comfort of her aesthetics, conveniently push aside every real-world anxiety to pursue the dreamy alternative. The sparkling snow, the crisp air of a pine forest, the rushing of a mountain stream oh god (these are the kinds of things I notice in the wilderness) — that wonderful feeling of true isolation, the truest company one can keep…apart from maybe God… In appreciating these things I conceive dimly of a superior person who does not appreciate these things; rather, he lives them, he embodies them without self-consciousness and without intellectual pretension. In other words, this person has no need to placate a simmering psyche with vague, frustrated descriptors or with field recordings of Ghana and Tokyo and Thailand (evocative as they are!). He no longer craves the artificial escape; by now he doesn’t even remember a time when he did. Meanwhile, my actual life becomes an endless crusade to the understanding of a mystical existence I can never fully experience.

the tired sounds of

January 18, 2009


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January 16, 2009
so lifelike!so lifelike!

For those of you familiar with Super Metroid, this guitar capo may be of interest.

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My Favourite Albums of 2008

January 13, 2009

I feel almost wrong in numbering this list — the perfect moment to listen to each of these albums would temporarily put any of them at the top, so take the order with a grain of salt (number one is still number one though!)

–the best–

(counting down for suspense!)

And the winners are…