new kind of songs for sale

larry fischer


New Kind of Songs For Sale

BONUS: Who Did It Johnny (studio version)


3 Responses to new kind of songs for sale

  1. Dan says:

    Pure gold, I’m telling you. Pure unadulterated gold.

  2. Aja says:

    so glad people are actually reading this thing!

    The full album is fascinating; it plays like a documentary to the life one of one strange, sad man. Zappa produced it in 68, and Fischer is, far as I can tell, still alive. Doesn’t make music anymore, though.

    It’s never been released to CD and the vinyl is long out of print, but those who look should be able to find it without much trouble (and it’s worth the search).

    edit – forgot to mention the title: “An Evening With Wild Man Fischer”

  3. tezcatlipoca says:

    “Fischer was institutionalized at age 16 for attacking his mother with a knife[citation needed]. He was later diagnosed with two mental disorders: severe paranoid schizophrenia and bipolar disorder (manic depression). Following his release, Fischer wandered L.A. singing his unique brand of songs for 10ยข to passers-by.”

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