1962 –  Half frame 35mm.

Original price was $50 way back when. The “EE” stands for “electric eye.” We were nuts about electric eyes back then. I remember the electric eye that would open the door at the supermarket. The door would go “bong” when it opened.

My Uncle Eddie had an electric eye on the dashboard of his Oldsmobile. It dimmed your headlights if it saw a car coming toward you at night. It didn’t make any noise, though.

My father had a Pontiac. You had to dim the headlights by stepping on a big old switch to the left of the clutch. It was a real manly switch.

There was an Indian Chief (Native American) on the hood. His head lit up when the lights were on

Now dimmer switches are on the steering column. They’re part of the windshield wiper/washer/directional light switch. That switch costs a lot of money if you need to replace it.

Speaking of old cars: Why does AM radio reception suck nowadays ?

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2 Responses to CAMERA OF THE WEEK

  1. tezcatlipoca says:

    since when has AM radio /not/ had shitty reception?
    I remember my dad used to drive me around, and he always listened to AM740, and it /always/ sounded shitty. At first I thought my dad just had a shitty stereo, and didn’t care, then I realized the dark, hideous, scratchy, tinny, staticy truth…

  2. Aja says:

    or rather, the glory of AM radio. I spent an afternoon recording out-of-tune AM stations. You find a good indian-pop show, hit the dial a few hundred hertz in the wrong direction and what you get is instant experimental electronic music. I’d rather listen to that than anything that’s ACTUALLY on the radio.

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