More Zoom H4n samples – external microphones

I know next to nothing about microphones or recording, but I’ve had a few queries about the H4n’s performance when using external mics.

So here are two samples using the H4n’s XLR inputs.  The first is taken with an OctavaMod MK-319 large-diaphragm condenser.  The second with a Shure SM57, which I think is not ideal for this kind of job (but it’s the only dynamic mic I have).  The MK-319 is recorded at about 12 inches away, and the SM57 at about 6 inches.  I have no idea if these are appropriate distances.  Today’s reading comes from an old Intellivision brochure.



Discover Realism

Discover Realism

Noise levels sound okay to me, but I’m not obsessing. The 57 might have a bit too much preamp hiss for this sort of work, but I’d never use it to record a quiet voice anyway. For a guitar cabinet or a snare drum it’d work fine. The MK-319 does sound a bit darker than it should, though. It might need a hotter signal than the H4n can provide, or it might be that I didn’t have the gain set high enough. Further testing will be done — hopefully in a band setting — and I still have a cheap pair of small-diaphragm matched condensers to try out.


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