loop pedal part 1

August 31, 2009

you're making me sick

nostalgic notes

dream wash

cringemaker take

min9 tweaky

w&c shimmer

Much much more to come.



August 29, 2009

“To the snow,” Pablo said and touched cups with him.  Robert Jordan looked him in the eyes and clinked his cup.  You bleary-eyed murderous sod, he thought.  I’d like to clink this cup against your teeth.  Take it easy, he told himself, take it easy.

Ambient photos

August 26, 2009

part 1

Because isn’t everything on this blog ambient?

mission statement

August 22, 2009

the function of music

from њомкљу


August 21, 2009
Mongolian grasslands folk

Mongolian grasslands folk

This year I went to the Edmonton Folk Festival. All four days. The main draw for me was Iron and Wine. He was playing the main stage on Saturday. Unfortunately (for him), Sam Beam was overshadowed by other small time acts, specifically the Beijing fivesome (?) Hanggai.

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