I had a dream

about Metal Gear Solid 4 last night.

It actually wasn’t too much like Metal Gear because I’ve never played the game. Anyways, I was with a group of other mercenaries and we were leaving a base we had just infiltrated. It was night time and I saw a truck pulling away with a metal gear soldier entering the driver’s seat. I hid behind the truck and it drove away. I was Snake, of course .

We then walked down the road and I stopped at an intersection lied down and gazed at the stars. I took a photo of them because it was a clear night and the stars looked so nice. Then I killed a soldier and his dog. We had to hide from a truck that was coming to check on him though. So I ran towards this bushy area off the road. We were in kind of a desert so there wasn’t much to hide behind. I looked back and saw some other trucks with regular people drive by and I remembered David telling me that there is a part in the beginning of the game where you can do stuff with trucks.

I continued towards the bushes but before I could get to them the guy we were hiding from walked up right at me and started philosophizing…maybe it was a lot like Metal Gear actually.


2 Responses to I had a dream

  1. Aja says:

    that sounds exactly like the game, actually

  2. bloodoctopus says:

    you might be right, we’ll find them in time.

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