excerpt from “The Black Antelope Tine”

July 15, 2009

ray a. young bearJesus, I once dreamt of doll-sized
human beings — six intoxicated dwarfs
who asked to be rolled together in a towel.
Put us in a trash can, they pleaded,
before we get arrested.  They eventually
suffocated because I forgot to pick them up.
And now, here they were in the form of antique
toys.  An alcohol-related tragedy.


Emo of the day, April 03

April 3, 2009

Why is everybody so sad when life is so fun? Why am I so sad…

test post

February 20, 2009

to see if matt broke the blog


February 1, 2009

I opened my eyes. Around me were my friends, strangers but accomplices. Remembering, I turned and ran out the entranceway. What will they do? How is she positioned? Down the street, around the corner a bus stop. I slow. Another woman began talking to me. I never knew her well but that could have been different. Happy, I engaged in our idle repartee. It was a good time. She looked out from over the fence and I smiled back. A moment. My friend, back, stood. Blackness came at me, and everything. We were frightened. I moved toward him, but his hand, his head, a shot, his eyes, gone down to nothing. His body did not lie there. Perpendicular he died. Parallel she lay.

In Praise of the Squire

January 7, 2009

Come see this squire’s life.
He flies his flag in the town.
His house is in Tachi-machi, Abura-machi,
The squire rests in the afternoon on the second floor,
With coins in his pillow and money in his hands.
Come see this talisman,
Which we can’t obtain or even touch.
A high place is called “a castle”,
A low place is called “beneath the castle.”