December 6, 2009

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July 27, 2009

“When this game was first released in 1880 it was so hugely popular in taverns and inns that the bank of England was forced to mint more threepenny bits to keep up with demand. The game was created by messrs Nam & Nam and Co. as a novelty pastime for the masses. Outdoing the previous top public house game of Shove Ha’penny. “


gift of food

June 24, 2009

for your health!

oh archie

June 5, 2009

archie +

courtesy of beneaththecastle

wrong glass, sir

May 25, 2009



May 12, 2009

Make Pretend

April 26, 2009
Alternate ending: shit

Apologies to Ryan North

My most astute of followers will recognize this Dinosaur Comics imitation from a number of months ago. They will be disappointed that nothing has changed in my homage. But, dear readers, new readers. enjoy.

Alternate Ending: shit