John Darnielle on Steely Dan (from five years ago)

March 10, 2009

Excerpts from a discussion on Brent Dicrescenzo’s assessment of Two Against Nature:

“Steely Dan’s name has been popping up as a hip musical crush. Remember, this glossy bop-pop was the indifferent aristocracy to punk rock’s stone-throwing in the late 70’s. People fought and died so our generation could listen to something better”

(DiCrescenzo’s “concept” for this review being, apparently, vengeance toward the band that deservedly won a Grammy over Kid A, his hyperbolized little favourite)

And after the standard accusations against the band are laid out:

“aor at its most unimaginative…”

…a plea for help!

“where the fuck is d4rn1elle when we need him?”

Darnielle hears the cry, comes to the rescue!

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