Infinite Frontier

April 25, 2011

Halfway through reading an article about sustainability, real sustainability, and population growth I began thinking about the finiteness of the Earth’s resources     and the possible reactions humanity would have to the dwindling of those resources. The article focused aggressively on population growth and overpopulation, which I agree are the real problems and combating them in some way is the real solution, but my mind began to wander and focused on space exploration as a solution. I didn’t consciously consider the migration of man into space as the best solution to the problem of overpopulation because I realize that it is entirely unrealistic; the technological breakthroughs required for man to seriously inhabit space as a replacement for inhabiting the Earth would be unachievable before the time we had obliterated the planet with the overpopulation that needs to be solved now. Read the rest of this entry »